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Welcome to Propo.se - 
Anna & Torbjörn's August 21 Wedding Site!

The church ceremony will take place in Sköldinge - a small town 1.5hr from Stockholm. After the ceremony we will travel 45 minutes to another town called Mariefred for the reception. Mariefred is on the coast of lake Mälaren, 1 hr from Stockholm.
Wedding Dress Code: Dark Suit/Dress.
Klädsel: Kavaj

On August 21, there will be group bus transportation from downtown Stockholm to the church, then to the reception and hotels. Sign up here if you want bus transport or if you prefer vegetarian food. Most guests will book a hotel room in Mariefred for the night of August 21.

You are also welcome to drive to the Sköldinge and Mariefred, or return to Stockholm on August 21 after the reception if  that is more suitable for your schedule. 

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Last published: 2007-08-06
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