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To go from Stockholm to Sköldinge church

Below is an example how to get from Sveavägen (Stockholm) to Sköldinge


   Get on E4/E20 South from Stockholm, head for SÖDERTÄLJE.  37 km 00h 30
 At sign GÖTEBORG/STRÄNGNÄS/SÖDERTÄLJE CENTRUM follow the motorway E20 for 34.9 km 72 km 00h 54
    At sign ÅKERS STYCKEBRUK follow the ramp Trafikplats Åker for 434 m 72.4 km 00h 55
   At sign ÅKERS STYCKEBRUK turn left, follow 55-53 for 35.7 km until FLEN . 108.1 km 01h 32
    Turn right, follow 57-55 for 24.9 km until SKÖLDINGE . Do not drive into Sköldinge town. The Church is on your rigt side, 200m from road 55 at the Coffeshop Fridhem. 132.9 km 02h 01
 You reach Sköldinge .Covered distance: 133.6 km

To go from Sköldinge church to Mariefred

 You start from Sköldinge .Estimated time: 01h 15
 1  Go back to road 55 and take a left drive towards FLEN. 249 m 00h 01
 2   Follow 55 for 50.7 km. Pass Länna bruk and Rocklänna. Before Merlänna Church....... 51 km 00h 54
 3   Before Merlänna Church. Turn right, follow 223 (?) for 16.9 km . Pass Åkers church and pass E20 and continue to Mariefred . 67.8 km 01h 14
 4   In Mariefred, Gripsholms Värdshus is between the church and the Marina. Park at the Marina. The address i Kyrkogatan 1. 68.1 km 01h 14
 You reach Kyrkogatan 1 Mariefred .Covered distance: 68.4 km

To go from Mariefred to Stockholm

 You start from Kyrkogatan 1 Mariefred .Estimated time: 00h 41
 From the parking turn left and drive towards E20.  556 m 00h 01
 At sign GÖTEBORG turn left, follow 223 for 3.4 km 3.9 km 00h 05
 At sign GÖTEBORG/STRÄNGNÄS follow the ramp Trafikplats Läggesta for 580 m 4.5 km 00h 06
 At sign STOCKHOLM/SÖDERTÄLJE follow the motorway E20 for 30.3 km until SÖDERTÄLJE . 34.8 km 00h 24
 At sign SÖDERTÄLJE NORRA follow the motorway E20-E4 for 8 km 42.8 km 00h 29
 At sign RÖNNINGE/SALEM follow the motorway Södertäljevägen for 15.4 km  to Stockholm. 58.2 km 00h 41
 You reach Stockholm .Covered distance: 58.2 km


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